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Hey guys!!! I've had my Making Memories one w/ the self sharpening blade for about 5 years now and it's just about to kick the bucket! The grid is just about worn off and the track is messed up. I've had to resort to my old school Fiskars, which I really don't like.

I want a good, upscale trimmer and want something that will last. Preferablly with self-sharpening blades, if possible. I may buy another MM trimmer, but if there is something else out there that is better, let me know! I saw this one at a lss that is called a Cutterpillar, and it was awesome indeed, however it was $149!!! eek!
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I have the Cutterpillar and I love it! I got it dirfectly from their website (same name) on sale for $99. It's still that price. It's extremely accurate. If you prefer a guillotine cutter, the one by Tonic is great and comes in 2 sizes.

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