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Hello. Very new to scrapbooking. I decided to start it on a whim. Everyone else my age is out drinking and partying, I want to do something actually worthwhile.
I looked through a book at a fabrics store for getting started but there are a few things that confuse me, as in the tools.

Adhesive - Is this better than a glue stick? Or are they both for the same purpose? Which adhesive is best? The roll-on kind or other?

Clear stamps - I saw a section of clear stamp sheets. Are you supposed to cut out the designs and glue them to wood blocks yourself? I am confused as to what the point of that is when you can just buy a rubber stamp?

Cut-out punches - How often to regular scrapbookers use cut-out punches? How useful are they? Which ones are the most used?

What is a die-cut? What is an eyelet?

Any answers or info would be extremely useful. I have been an artist for 12 years so I have a general idea of what to do, but some of the tools look so overwhelming, I have no idea what to make of them.

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In response to PrincessNikki

First of all...your background as an artist will serve you well. Enjoy the process and get creative..there are no rules!!!!
To help answer your questions:
Adhesive- it is all of the above. Glue stick, wet glue, tape is all of the above. Everyone loves something different. A very popular one is the ATG one from Michaels. Hobby Lobby has a smaller version (sorry can't remember the name) that I like. Wet glue will crinkle paper sometimes so that is why others are so popular. I make my own glue dots (do a search on here...they are very cheap to make and work better IMO).
Clear stamps and wood stamps are all the same...they stamp an image. Clear stamps stick to clear blocks and then put back in their packaging to use over and over. You have to have the clear block for them to stick to but once you have the blocks, you can use them for all clear stamps. Clear stamps are easier to store. Some people love the wood and never use clear...some only use clear due to space...and some like me..have a combo of the two. i buy what I like in design!!!!
Cut outs- I think you are talking about punches. I have several punches. Punches are great for making your own embellishments. What are the most popular? Depends on your style. I use flower punches a lot- star punches and recently used my embossed button punch (LOVE that one!!!).
A die cut is any image that is cut out..there are many many die cut machines. Electronic and manual. You can do a search to find out what would suit you best. I have a cricut and love it. It is an expense but I save money because I don't buy as many stickers....I make my own!!!!

An eyelet is a little metal circle with a hole in it. Eyelets are good to put ribbon through or just as an embellishment.

I would suggest looking in the gallery to get ideas and also Scrapbooks Etc is a great magazine! Check your local library to see if they carry it if you don't want to buy it!

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And due to the clear mounting block, the clear stamps have the advantage of being able to see exactly where you are stamping, which is useful if you're trying to line something up. I use both types but generally prefer wood-mounted, as the red rubber gives a sharper image.

There are also red and gray rubber stamps that are not mounted to wood, meant for using with a clear block, combining the extra visibility of the clear block with the advantages of the rubber stamp.

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In response to PrincessNikki

Welcome! I just wanted to say "hi" and add some pictures to the other responses.

The adhesive that I use depends on what I am adhering. I used a tape runner when I first started out, and then eventually graduated to an ATG. 3L was one of my favorite, inexpensive adhesives. A small glue pen is great for little spots, and a liquid glue is good at times. I also love glue dots for heavier embellishments. I've never been a fan of the glue stick. I don't think they stick well, and often bubble up under the paper I am adhering.

Acrylic stamps can be attached to acrylic blocks. I love acrylic stamps because I can see where I am placing the stamp.

I started out with a handheld eyelet setter, but eventually went to the Crop-a-dile because it is quiet and easy to use.

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I prefer a good quality rubber stamp over a clear stamp, simply because the impression tends to be better, and easier to GET a good impression,,,,,

however, they are very costly (compared to clear stamps) and use much less storage room,,,,,hence, I have BOTH.

Another option is to de-block the wood stamps and use them like clear stamps (on a block with something sticky to make them stick,,,,,there's numerous products for this),,,,however, I paid good money for my wood block stamps, and I have no intention of deblocking them

(talk to me in about 5 years when I have a thousand though!)

Those are only TWO kinds of stamps,,,,,there are many many more,,,,

as a beginner, I suggest you buy a good quality wood block stamp and a good quality clear stamp and see which one you like,,,,,,

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Then there are also the digi stamps which take up space on your computer and you print them off as needed... the cost is less for the stamp... I have all types... red rubber, grey rubber, clear, foam, and digi...

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Oh wow!! Such amazing responses. Thank yuo all for going into such detail to clear things up. Now I know why the clear stamps can be very useful.

I really appreciate the responses. Thank you so much!

And Luvmyfam - Holy god. That is the most useful post ever. Videos of what all the products do. This site is so helpful!!!

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In response to PrincessNikki

You've gotten some good answers so far. Also, just 'wander' around the forums (or search) for other helpful threads.

Adhesive. There are all kinds. Most people use a variety, depending on that they are doing.
I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM GLUE STICKS! They do NOT hold; your pages WILL fall apart. Not worth the trouble.

Punches. I use some. I would suggest not getting too carried away in buying them. Maybe get one or two 'basic' shapes --circle or flower. Border punches are pretty popular.

A diecut is a design cut from a die (in scrapbooking, it's usually paper).

Here are a few videos that may be helpful (sometimes the visual is more helpful, as Jen pointed out):


inks and clear stamps

Martha Stewart punches

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In response to Bxr-Linda

I second Linda's motion for no glue sticks. I have had several layouts fall apart that I used glue stick on.

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In response to Smashley

welcome to the site.. admirable that youd rather scrapbook than party... :-)

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Henri Jean
In response to jadoredior454

If you have any belts covered with fabric, the little metal things lining the holes are eyelets.

If you have shoes with little round metal thing lining the holes, those are eyelets. Old fashioned sneakers have them.

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