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I would like to make a scrapbook for my godchild's 1st child a girl due in Oct. I thought, I'd like make pages for different milestones & some general and all they'd have to do is add the pics. Stuff like my 1st Halloween, fall ,etc My question is what size album would be best?

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I know some people do mini-albums for this, but the one I just finished for a friend's baby boy (due in July) is in 12 x 12.

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I just finished doing one for a friend of mine. My book was 8x8. I had pages for the hospital, first day home, one for mom, one for dad, pages for grandparents, each lst holiday like you suggested,3 mo, 6 mo, and 9 mo
page. I also had a first birthday as the last page. I was pleased with the 8x8 as I feel that it will capture highlights from his first year.

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It really depends on how many pics you have ...

12x12 albums can be overwhelming if you are new to scrapbooking, and they are alot of work to give away ... I would probably do an 8x8

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I'm actually working on 8x8 album for my BFF who is due in Sept. I'm using the guidelines in the guide to scrapbooking e-book from It is such a great idea, and it will be a real scrapbook for a non-scrapbook maker.

I'm also adding extra pages for the milestones. I'm pretty excited about the little book and I think my friend will like it too!
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