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Crystal is Leahs Mom
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Crystal is Leahs Mom

Hi, I want to start a scrapbook art journal. Do you have an art journal? What have you used to create it? What type of information do you add to your art journal? What creative artsy things do you add to your art journal?

-Do you use photo's, magazine clippings,tags, dates, items from clothes or food? Just what do you use?

If you have a art journal please post your creative work, it's greatly appreciated. Thank you Crystal.

Below is some of my items that I have on hand that may help create a art journal. Have you used any of these items?
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This topic came up recently in another thread. Here is a link:

There are a few examples of how people are putting together their books in that thread.

I have used some of the items in your list (Maya Road, 7 Gypsies) for mini-albums, and they would be great for an art journal.

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I have two different art journals, one I carry with me everywhere and is just a journal I got as a gift from Barnes and Noble. I jot down ideas, phrase, sketch page ideas and tuck fun things that catch my eye.

The fun things that catch my eye I later stick in my junque journal that I made with a composition notebook that I inked, distressaed and papered.

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Art Journal By Rtay
Art Journal By Rtay
I use water color paper ...I buy the large sheet at an art supply store, and make my journal from sheet will make an entire journal...I use water color paint, pan pastels, acrylic paint, paint pens, scraps of pp, and strips of paper from magazines, and then I carry on, by doodling and painting in the continuing pattern from the strips of pp or magazine images that I glue around the edges...
these are the only two images that I have in my gallery...and I added them before actually journaling on the pages.
I would suggest that you check out Teesha Moore's blog, she mainly does art journals, and even teaches classes..her journals are just amazing.
Good luck to you with this endeavor. I hope this helps you.

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The Biscuit Scraps
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The Biscuit Scraps
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Your art journal can be anything you want it to be. I say "Make like Nike....and just do it!"

I made mine from an old daytimer and use it for my calendar, SB, stamping and drawing journal. I used Wasau 110 LB cardstock (you can get it at M's with a coupon). Copics bleed a lot on that cardstock, so I Copic on better paper and collage it on the pages. The format is a process...continually changing. I use Copic pens and color with Copic markers.

I have not done any drawing since I was in HS in 1966. Big mistake. I've recently found Zentangle and enjoy drawing one from time to time, too.

I don't finish a page, I work on it until my creative MOJO or time is out and will come back to it from time to time.

I still have clean up work to do from the Copic bleed through. I hope it inspires someone to just get started.

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