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While I am making scrapbooks for my boys, I don't want to scrapbook our family photos but just display in a family album. I have started a magnetic album because it allows for different photo arrangements (as opposed to albums with sleeves). What say you about magnetic albums?? Pros, Cons?? Thanks in advance!! I love that I can get advice here from you pros!!!

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Those albums are terrible for your photos. If you are at all concerned about actually preserving these photos, please don't use the magnetic albums. I know you expressed opposition to scrapbooking them and to using albums with sleeves, but I think you might do well with these to use pocket pages like the ones from We R Memory Keepers, which allow for different photo arrangements without requiring any actual scrapbooking and still keeping your photos preserved in an acid-free environment.
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I put my kids photos in magnetic albums and now they are ruined. Fortunately, several years ago my son took them out one at a time and scanned them so I have them on computer.

After a while they kind of meld to the adhesive in the magnetic books and they no longer come out. The pages fall apart. All of mine - the binding strips on the edge and that hold thte things that hold the pages in the magnetic albums have come unglued and so they are no good and I can't get the pictures out.

The pages are all a really nasty yellow and the acid in them ruined the pictures.

I wouldn't walk away from them, I'd run!

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Can you still BUY those type of albums??

I agree with the others. Do not waste your time. It would be better to leave your photos in a box.

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Yes, listen to the others and skip the magnetic albums! There are so many other ways to store/display photos that won't ruin them.


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I completely agree with aquabunny -- WRMK is the way to go for that kind of memory keeping. The magnetic albums ruin your photos over time. Don't make that mistake!!

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