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Hello my scrappin' family! I have mixed my own "glimmer mist" w/H2O, acrylic paint, pearly stuff. It was the day b4 yesterday & I've used it twice, 1st=kosher salt tech which is awsome, 2nd=plastic wrap tech which is really cool. Anymore techniques, throw 'em my way. But my problem now is the sprayers are not wantin to spit my liquid out!? Any ideas or what can be done???? I've washed 'em out w/hot H2O & they work bout two pumps, then there done.

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I watched a video made by someone from Tattered Angels who suggested using compressed air. She took the extender straw off the can and stuck it directly into the bottom of the spray cap (not the entire cap part that unscrews, but it seems that just the part that pushes down when you spray can come off?) A couple shots of compressed air dislodges the clog, than you rinse with water.

Also, depending on what kind of medium your using, you might want to rinse it with a stronger chemical. For instance, acrylic paint won't break down and wash away with water once it's dry. Personally, I'd recommend using nail polish remover (a strong, 100% acetone type) as that will break down paint. I've used it to clean paint off My Little Ponies for repainting & customizing, so it should work here too. Its not a very friendly chemical so you don't want to breath it in nor get a ton of it on your hands.

I ordered some spray bottles for myself recently actually, haven't had a chance to test them but if I discover any other good cleaning techniques that I KNOW for a fact work I'll come back and share them.

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I am thinking it is the paint that is clogging up your sprayers. When I make my own glimmer mist I use water, perfect pearls and reinker, or even food coloring dye. Since it is all water based and liquidy (is that a word???) it never clogs. If you use paint, maybe spray it and then empty the mister right away.

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For techniques, check out the blogs for the manufacturers who make spray inks, like Clearsnap (Smooch Spritz)

As far as making your own version of spray inks, contact an art supply store like Blick Art Supplies and see what they recommend. HTH!

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I make my own and use water colors (from the tube, not cakes) and have not had a problem since water colors are made to be water based.

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