Username Post: Embossing paper smaller than the die reccomends? Extender Pads?        (Topic#1562499)
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Hi. I'm getting the Sizzix Big Shot (standard not pro, I didn't think I needed quite that much) and looking at some dies for it.

My scrapbooking pages will be standard 8 1/2 x 11 If any paper/stock is larger I'll cut it down to that size.

Some of the dies (Sizzix) (Decorative strips) say that I'll need an extended spacer platform & 13 cutting pads. If I don't want to cut that large, can I still cut with the standard pads (the multipurpose platform that comes with the machine) & standard 8 1/2 X 11 paper/stock.

Would this work or would it do something to tear up the machine?

I know that I have to be careful with patterns if I did that it would be okay to cut it down smaller and not ruin the pattern (cutting the paper not the die itself *smile*).

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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In response to miagracie

I did this for a while especially with time holtz ticket die the biggest problem is keeping it all lined up. I eventually broke down and bought the extra pads much easier.

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