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E2 ... wort it ?
E2 is very expensive and I am in doubt if I buy E2 or Expression.
Someone help me ?
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Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
In response to ma_cenzi

I have the expression. I like it, more at sometimes than at others. I rarely love it.

I know a lot of people who use theirs constantly and absolutly love them. They create some of the most awesome things I've ever seen! (I go in binges with mine because I'm not good at it), and I know people who sold them pretty quickly.

For those who love them and use them a lot, they are worth every penny. For me who likes it okay, I've used it enough that it was a worthwhile investment.

It all depends on whether you will use it or not.

That goes for any tools or machines you buy.

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In response to Henri Jean

I have looked at the E2. I am scared that I won't like the display. I would love to play with one in person to see if I can get used to the display.

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