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Sandi Linton, the power-seller owner of Sandi's Sticker Shack store in Ebay passed away last Aug 11, after over 2 years of battle with her abdominal cancer (and after 8 weeks between the hospital and the rehab).

Mom left us over 60 boxes (8K+ pieces) plus 2 bins of stickers from every major sticker company, organized into themes, containing between 120-200 stickers in each box. She's also got lots of other scrapbooking materials, including papers, albums, plastic protectors/covers, fabrics, buttons, other small items, stamps, glitters (a whole box that was never opened), scissors, rulers, glues, punchers, ribbons, tools, and many other things in between at the other room.

The stickers alone are over 10 thousand dollars in wholesale value (and I've still got some of her invoices when she got them wholesale), and many of her 3D stickers are worth more than $4 in retail. We are willing to give them to a local buyer who can take all of them, including all the other scrapbooking materials, for 70% of their wholesale value of the stickers or about $7K. We will even throw in some of her office supplies if you are interested. We just want to give them to someone who loves the same thing she does and can make money out of it, as she devoted the last decade of her life to these stickers and scrapbooking until her passing last Thursday. Even if you sell them at a bargain, so you can still make over $15K from them, and maybe $30K if you can sell them all for what it's really worth. Those punchers alone are selling $5-$25 right now on ebay.

You are welcome to come and check all her items anytime between 7AM-10PM at 172 Mount Earl Avenue, Henderson, NV 89012. You can also call me at 617-418-4438 or at our landline at 702-834-6412. Please do let us know beforehand if you are coming, because we have other offers right now from other people who do sell these stickers online like she does, and we are not sure if it will still be available because we are just wanting to sell them to the best offer we can get in the next few days before we move out everything from her house and we are having an estate sale this weekend.

Some pictures of what she's got are in the gallery at 55129 , but there are more in the other room and in the tubs in the garage.

Thank you!


Other crafts materials are also for sale at the estate sale this weeekend, including her sweater machine, and all kinds of other craft supplies (as she's got everything on all kinds). We are also giving away (for free) her books and binders of guides relating to crafts. But please do come early or the neighbors will have them first. She's also got a collection of other old items that you might be interested in.

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southern lady
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i was wondering if you have any dog stuff or campping stuff at all

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check the pictures in the gallery. she's got everything of every kind. she always kept her store up-to-date and fully stocked with everything you might need, that is why she's got about $30K of stickers here

call me if you are interested in buying the whole bunch, and make money on it

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