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Has anyone else had a problem with albums by memory keepers

I have bought two leather ones which had a defect in the brads holding the three rings in.
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  • GMFTS on 09-14-11 01:11 PM
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no problems with mine... I have quite a few and haven't run into any issues with them.

Is it something you can return?

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  • JacR on 09-14-11 01:14 PM
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I have actually had this happen with a couple of mine. However, the first one may have been overloaded. The second one, I had just opened and loaded a few pages.

To fix it, I just used some E600 glue to adhere the metal spine back onto the album. I let it dry for a few days before putting pages back in. It has worked perfectly! I actually think it is much stronger than my other albums.

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I had a problem with 2 of the we r memory keeper 12x12 leather albums. The covers on them bowed and the company determined that they were defective. They did not want them back and I have not purchased anymore of their albums since. (there is a picture in my gallery if you want to see).

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