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I want to scrapbook 500 wedding pictures so doing around 4-5 pictures a page it will be 125 pages and with them being double sided around 63 actual clear protecter pages. Does anyone know how big of a scrapbook I will need. I was thinking the type that are like binder and have rings. Any ideas?


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My daughter is making a huge book from a trip to Hawaii. I had bought her a post-bound album, but she knew she was going to outgrow it. She got a D-ring, which works great to add pages. However, the pages don't turn easily--they get stuck making the D-turn--and the protector holes are getting pulled out of shape. So...I don't know the answer, but just some thoughts. Also the post books are a lot prettier than the rings. I'm doing a big one, but will probably just split it into multiple books.

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I honestly don't think you'll get that many pics/pages into one book.

I have a couple of books for dd's wedding. One with pre-wedding prep, the other with actual day

The D-rings are wonderful for that type of project, you can change the order easily.

you can also use page proctectors like the ones linked, so you can get more pics in without scrapping every one. If you use both sides, that's 24 pics per page

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I am also scrapping approx 500 wedding pictures. I am using 2 We R Memory Keepers 3 ring binders. The main pictures are in the one album but in the second I am incorporating all of the cards we were given along with pictures of the people who gave them to us, which is why I needed a second album. I am using the We R Memory Keepers page protectors that have the different photo configurations as well as the regular 12 x 12 page protectors. There are some photos (like of the bridal dance which seemed to go on and on and I have a ton of pictures from it) that I didn't want to "scrap" on individual pages, so I slid them into the pre-configured page protectors and they are still presentable.

Good luck with your album!!

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