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hesed formerly fibromom
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hesed formerly fibromom

I'm super new at cardmaking and am loving this site. (Thanks, Pebbles, for all of your help!)
Somewhere on this site I saw an ad for "making your own stamps" (acrylic.) Can you please direct me there? Thanks.

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Are you referring to the Teresa Collins Stamp maker?

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Depending on what designs you want you can also carve your own stamps. I have used rubber gasket material from the hardware store. Then I use linoleum carving tools or wood carving tools to cut a design. You can use clip art or any design, I draw my own sometimes. But the details are not always as sharp as the stamps you buy. But I make mostly stamps I cannot find- a rolling pin, flower pot, birds. I have fun with it and have done this for several years. Sometimes the gasket material is difficult to find, I get it more in the Mom & Pop small hardware stores. If you are interested in this I can post more info, just let me know.

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You can also buy rubber stamp blanks for carving, I haven't tried it yet but I would assume it would be better at holding details than gasket rubber.

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I would not suggest the Theresa Collins one. It is expensive and you have to keep purchasing materials. I looked into one for a dog rescue group but decided it was not worth it. There are so many stamp places that you can probably find what you are looking for. If you are looking for words to use over and over and want them to be specific, many office supply places make custom return address labels but you can put 3 or 4 lines of any words you choose on them. However, the self inking ones do not have archival ink for scrapbooking but if you want to use them for cards, this would be ok.

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Oops, I have the Theresa Collins

It's only worth it if you have the time to learn to work with it and use it a lot. I'm happy with it and used it a lot, now I don't have time for anything because of my study.

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