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I've been tempted to start a craft blog. I already have a family blog but I probably want to do it separately. Ideally I'd like to generate a little extra cash with it although I know it's a tough thing to do and my main purpose is to just share my work. I have an etsy account that I sell my work but I find that people love to browse and look and even like and admire my goodies. However it's hard to make that sale. I'm not trying to make big bucks here but it'd be nice to supplement my hobby with a little bit of cash. How do you guys do it?

If you have a blog,
Do you do tutorials or just show off your goodies?
Do you sell your goodies?
Do you sell ad space?
Do you sell certain company's products?
Can I do all of the above?
Can I sell more than one company's product at the same time?
Pros and cons?

Thanks in advance for the insights!

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