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I would like to get ideas on what kind of newborn pictures to take at home.

any ideas out there?

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There are so many ways you could take it, you're really only limited by your imagination here.

I'd start with a google search for newborn photography and then maybe search flickr to get ideas of what you might want to do.

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When my cousin and his wife had thier first baby, he had a picture of one of they baby's bare feet next to one of daddy's bare feet--she called it "following in daddy's footsteps." It is really cute!

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  • ELynn on 01-07-12 10:45 AM
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google is your friend. so is a bedsheet and the crib...

or a basket

if it's your newborn, please be aware you may not feel up to it. Sadly, I didn't. I had list of wonderful ideas...I didn't get them, I was too sore and tired to move and get down/up, ect.

Until a few weeks ago, I used a flat sheet draped over the side of dd's crib

I suggest taking weekly or monthly photos of the baby in the same spot with the same object (you can really see the growth).

I LOVE Milsadaydreams (she now has a book, course, as much as I would have loved to do this...ummm yeah...

another blog is young house love, i loved how Clair's pictures turned out after 52 weeks.

Personally, dd just gets put somewhere, and I snap. in auto even. dh did set up my backdrop and lights, but I haven't had the brain power to think to. that's ok. auto does pretty darn well.

one of my fave is of her feet.

have fun!

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My sister took a photo of her newborn sitting in a chair with a stuffed animal every week, she was born on a Sunday so every sunday for the first year she took a photo with the same stuffed animal and it was just so amazing to watch the transformation from week to week!

And those photos are perfect for mini albums!

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This is my son Felix at 10 days old. Hope it helps... You'll need blankets with texture and a warm room with great natural light.

Felix by supasuze

Colour by supasuze

OMG by supasuze

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Great pics of Felix! Goes to show that you don't need props when your baby is the subject : )

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