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I use the Adirondack alcohol inks and Tim Holz stamping pad with the felt pads. I use the inks to stamp color onto dominos for jewelry. The fuzz on the felt pads is coming off onto my domino and drying quickly in the ink. Am I doing something wrong?
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Hmmm. This hasn't happened to me, before. However, it looked like it might- one time, when I was using the tool with felt and alcohol inks, to color silver tinsel pipe cleaners- after lots of use, the felt would begin t fuzz uo- so I would out on a fresh piece of felt.

Are you using the same piece of felt too long?

Are you using the felt that you buy, packaged, for use with the ink tool?

I bought sone squares of white felt and cut it myself, to use with my tool, and it worked fine- so I'm curious if you did the same, and maybe got a 'bad' or 'wrong' kind of felt to use- of if this is happening with the packaged for use with the tool felt...

The only other thing I could think of to cause it, would be if you're stamping too much with the same piece of felt, without 'reinking' it?

Let us know what you find!


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I agree on all counts, Kory!

I also buy larger squares of felt and cut to fit my tool, BUT I have found that there IS a difference in the felt pieces. Some are fuzzier than others from the start, so those I'd assume would tend to leave strings behind.

If you're using the felt pieces directly from Ranger, I'd call them and let them know. Could be a bad batch maybe?

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