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I've been using pigment ink that I like, but I like the look of dye ink too. My problem is I haven't ever found a dye ink that stamps even. Need some recommendations.

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I like the Palette hybrid inks. I have gotten them at Michael's before. They say that it eliminates the confusion about which ink for which surface because it stamps on everything and is a non solvent ink. I like it because it is water proof and I like to use water color pencils on my stamping, then use a H20 pen with it. But I have stamped with it on wood and other types of craft use. But it does not bleed on most stuff, I like that. It comes in a lot of colors and I have tried about 6 of them. I also use their ink refills to make shaving cream card stock for making cards. I do tons of stamping and this is my definite favorite for that! I have gotten their packs of 4 colors also with the 1 inch or so size square pads. Those make it easy to try a group of colors for a smaller price.
Hope some of this helps! But if you have a question ask away! I am sure there are more people here with inks they like the most.( or did not care for)

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