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Hello everyone. I am new to this site and love all the great resources has to offer. I do need help with a Family Tree/Heritage book I want to create for my son. Does anyone have any suggestions for layouts? At first, I thought I would do pages based up this is aunt soandso, children..... and have pics and journal info. Than I also thought maybe at the begining have a graph of the actual family tree and mix some of the photos of 1920's, 30's, and so on.... Who knows I might end up doing both. I would take any feedback you have for me, both negative and positive.
Thanks for the support!

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Oh, that sounds like a really neat project! I have done a little bit of genealogy research but never actually done something like what you are describing... however, I think with this idea, organization is key. You're doing it for your son, so you will likely want to include all four branches of both you and his father's family—your parents, your husband's parents, is what I mean.

What I would do is create an overall tree layout for the first page, then divide each section into pages that trace back each branch. That way, he can read through it and see what part of the family he's looking at at any given time. You could even give a motif or element or symbol to each family grouping, to visually link them together: Your mother's family could be a brown acorn, for example, and your father's family would be a green leaf, while your husband's mother's family would be, I dunno, a blue seashell, and his father's family would be a yellow star. Something like that. I would lay it out like this:

0.0. Title page / overview of tree
--1.0 Intro to family A - Maternal Grandmother
----1.1 First page about Maternal Grandmother's ancestry
----1.x Additional page(s) about Maternal Grandmother's ancestry
--2.0 Intro to family B - Maternal Grandfather
----2.1 First page about Maternal Grandfather's ancestry
----2.x Additional page(s) about Maternal Grandfather's ancestry
--3.0 Intro to family C - Paternal Grandmother
----3.1 First page about Paternal Grandmother's ancestry
----3.x Additional page(s) about Paternal Grandmother's ancestry
--4.0 Intro to family D - Paternal Grandfather
----4.1 First page about Paternal Grandfather's ancestry
----4.x Additional page(s) about Paternal Grandfather's ancestry

Does that make sense? That way, each family is grouped together and then aunts and uncles and cousins all fit under the same heading.

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I am so excited to run across this post! What a great way to organize I am also working on a project for my son.

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I have made family heritage books. I think the beginnings of your family in the USA is a great place to start. (Mine was my great-grandpa coming from Norway when he was 17, alone). That would be the "modern" era of your family, and you can always go back further in another book.

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I too am very interested in Heritage scrapbooking. Don't know if you've looked under Resources>Articles> Heritage...but there is a lot of good information on the subject.

Kels has written several helpful articles on this. Here are a few links: 4.html 4.html 4.html 4.html 4.html

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Wow! This sounds like a neat project.

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I'm just begining this project myself. I have quite a bit of the ancestory traced back several generations but still working on 2. It gets confusing at times as parents often on my side named there children with the same name and they changed there last name several times and the spellings in the census were incorrect. I'm working on a general world history time line that seems to help some. As for the scrapping part I'm finding pictures relatives have and sorting those and making notes with a file for each family. Also once I find what country they came from and finding maps online and pictures of the ships they came over to the USA on. I also plan to add pictures of those in front of there homes and old pictures of family gatherings. One big help was finding someone has already traced the family history on at least one side of my husbands fathers side so I don't have to do that one. So my scrapbook will have pictures and the family trees incorporated into it. At this point I have so much information bits and pieces it may lack photos but will have at least some type of pictures to give the books some meaning and history. There's an amazing amount of info out there to incorporate. I even found pictures of tombstones of family that has passed to incorporate into it all somehome. Best of luck on your journey the hard part for me is where to stop.

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In my gallery there is a family tree scrapbook for my half siblings., beginning in 1912 and going to 1943. feel free to borrow any ideas. (I drew the tree freehand.)

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I really must recommend an amazing book by Karen Foster called
"ART ANCESTRY". I happened upon it at a yard sale held by a LSS. I know its available on the internet & it well worth the money. (plus used ones are all over!) It has so many wonderful ideas & resources! It has been a pleasure owning the book. I would attach a link, but with respect to I will pass on the link

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