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Ok, I know this is a simple question, but what are the best gel pens to get. I have a set that I want to say I bought at the Dollar Tree about 6 years ago. Great pens, but the caps don't stay on and break really easily. Im looking for a set with many colors to choose from...what kind do you reccomend?

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It really depends on your budget and your intention.

Are you colouring in an image or, are you journaling? Many people here use Copics. I still have Zigs that work after 12 years. I have some of the Sakura Microns and also work with the Gelly Rolls by Sakura. I mostly use the Gelly Rolls to finish off an embellishment that I cut using SCAL. If a paper piece was too small to cut on the Cricut, I may hand-draw it in with a Gelly Roll that would match the cardstock. I use the Microns for journaling. The Zigs have different tips for different effects. The Copics are expensive and I have a few, they produce beautiful results. Hope that helps. Keep a smile M.

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For gel pens I'm pretty happy with Sakura. They seem to last quite a while and I've never had trouble with caps staying on or breakage either. White is a difficult color and many people seem to like the Uni-ball version.
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My personal favorites are the Pilot Frixion line. When I first started using gel pens, I was amazed at how much better they erase than traditional pens. If you're writing on construction paper, or other delicate materials, they might not be any better for you, but with regular paper, they're amazing.

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I second the Gelly Roll pens by Sakura. They have so many different types which create different effects, which is awesome. They have gold shadow, silver shadow, metallic, neon, and pastels, just to name a few. I think they're pretty inexpensive in general, and they are nice to use.

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I would try the zig!!! I am also looking to eventually purchase a large set of markers not pens!!!
I have used the basic pilot pens in black and they work really well- ALSO I tried out the k and co smash sticks and they are good quality!!!
good luck'mg

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