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Please could someone give me a crash course on how to use Stickle paint. Trying to make a birthday layout for my friend who b- day is thru so I need help and if u have any ideas I could use please post them. I don't have many supplies.......ASAP!!!!!!!!

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Do you mean stickles? I haven't heard of stickle paint. If it's stickles, you just squeeze and spread with the tip. The harder you squeeze, the thicker the application. For a very thin application, spread with your fingertip.

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Sometimes I will squeeze it on and use a paintbrush to get a smoother applications. Distress Stickles have chunkier glitter so it can be difficult to get an even application. Even so, I love them!!!

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Mr Mister
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Be prepared to let it dry overnight. stickles do not dry quickly. Before I go to bed, I ask myself "do I need to stickle anything?".

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lol...I enjoy that you ask yourself that before bed every night.

Teeth brushed...check
pjs on...check
Only one other I have to STICKLE anything!?
That's great.

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