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Joined: 10-05-10 it just me or are these crepe paper ruffle strips hard to use? I tried to remove them with the adhesive attached and they tore apart...are we supposed to tear below the adhesive line and then re-apply adhesive? Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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I just make my own with rolls of crepe paper - you can get a whole huge roll for less than one dollar at Hobby Lobby! You could make like 500 of those ruffled lines with one roll, LOL :)It's probably way easier than messing with the adhesived pre-made ones, seeing as how easily crepe tears.

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I just watched the video on it in the superstore and to me it sounds like its a piece of paper but if you want to use them seperately you need to cut them apart and re-apply them.......someone correct me if I am wrong as this is my first time seeing them.

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