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Hello Scrapbookers,
Not only am I new to scrapbooking, but I have the creativity of a brick wall and the artistic talent of an elephant.

Yet, I am determined to build a Birthday Book for my mom's 80th birthday, and have asked family and friends to send me pictures and anecdotes to put in the book.

My mom is somewhat of a minimalist, i.e. she won't like lots of designs, flowers, stickers and other distractions. Her house looks like a beautiful, tasteful art gallery (in sharp contrast to my own comfortable but chaotic apartment), and I want her book to suit this style as much as possible.

Has anyone created a 'classy but not overdone' book? I am starting from scratch, so any tips are welcome! Thank you for your help!
Countdown: 15 days. Ugghh.

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The only thing I can suggest is to look through the gallery. There's every style you can think of there...

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I did a memorial album for my father in 8x8. It's in my gallery - very minimalist, very clean and simple.

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