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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but not entirely new to the scrapbooking arts. I'm working on an album devoted to my pet rats, an unorthodox subject maybe, but they're all so very photogenic! Each individual squeaker gets his/her own two-page photo spread, with separate journal pages for each family group featuring short entries describing their histories and notable adventures. (It would be easier if there were more pocket-pet themed scrapbook swag available, I set out on this with specific orders to myself not to have 40-odd cheese-themed pages in the end.)

Anywho, I have a few stray whiskers that have been left behind over the years and I'd like to incorporate them into their respective layouts somehow. Are there any products out there designed to preserve hair for scrapbooks? Would regular laminate sheets degrade the hair? And should I be concerned about making sure any product I'd use is acid-free?

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You could try products like these. You can still see them and even retrieve them if you wanted. And of course, acid wouldn't be an issue. (I don't know how it effects hair samples.) I do know that if the item used has acid, like some lamination products, they can become brittle and yellow over time.

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I love pet Rats!!! I had one named Lucky... He would sit on my shoulder and give kisses....

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I used a clear pocket to preserve some of my rabbit's fur in her scrapbook.

Also, when I get home tonight I'll check a pack of "Small Mammal"-themed stickers I bought - I've used all the rabbit ones, and I know there are some raccoons and guinea pigs on it, but also maybe some rats - if there are would you like me to send them to you?

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I also used the clear pockets to preserve my cat's hair. I got them from the LSS in a variety pack. I think they were made by Scotch brand. They went from tiny (something like 2x2) up to 4x6, I think. They have an adhesive on the back to attach them to your LO.

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If I couldn't find a clear envelope, I'd cut n fold one from vellum, each the size I needed.

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Glassine envelopes work great--you might be able to score some cheap ones from stamp collector supplies, etc as they use a lot and they don't pay scrappy prices

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