Username Post: Any Aussie Knk Zing Users???        (Topic#1573367)
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Hey everyone I recently got a KNK Zing cutter and make the cut software and I was wondering if anyone on here had one and if they could share any tips or advice thank you

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I'm not in Australia but this topic came up at the Make-The-Cut forum and there were a LOT of responses. Hopefully, it's okay for me to post the link:

Zing Owners in Australia

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Hi there,I am in Brisbane southside and have had mine for a couple months but due to lack of time am still learning how to use it,do u know anyone thst could give lessons,?

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Hi Kerrie, I've been learning from the tutorials on the KNK Zing on yahoo. You have to be a member but the tuts are great and easy to follow.

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