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Crystal is Leahs Mom
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Crystal is Leahs Mom

Smash book or project life motivation?

What do you do to start these projects and how do you keep yourself motivated to continue to do the project until it’s complete?

Another question.

How do you decide which other scrapbook products you will use and if it’s the smash book how do you decide which products that you will take along? And what do you use to carry all of the extra products?

I purchased both products around the beginning of the year. I just had to get a smash book and now I have three of them (shhhhhhhh! they’re all empty, I’m almost afraid to start) and I purchased my project life kit with the $50 Amazon gift cards that I got from one of my students for Christmas.

I was set and ready to go with ideas in my head, then life, school, and work came into play and I got left behind without even starting the projects.

School and tiredness is the man culprit in this madness but I will eliminate one of them in two weeks (two more weeks of school then no school until the last week of August)

How do I get the ball back rolling? Should I start where I left off or should I back track? I’m so confused. Please Help

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I know it's hard to keep motivated but i do it sometimes by being silly. i will take a photo of the silliest thing i can imagine. Like clothes hanging on a hook. maybe not the most exciting photo but it is a part of my everyday life.

In fact i've been taking pics of the house they're renovating across from me. it's butt ugly now but it is a project in progress.

Then when i started this, i decided to use different sized page protectorrs just to keep it interesting for me.

I don't know if this will help but that's how i do it.

I'm making my own smash book. i keep finding things to add and different things to add. i was looking at it this morning and i was pleased how fat it's getting.

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I bought my Smash Book about a month ago and the big thing that got me started was a Love Letter I got from my now Husband back in 1997. I have a page for each of the kids, My favorite author, how I love scrapbooking and the huge Powerball Jackpot that I didn't win, but sure do dream about...

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