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Hey... just wondering about the Teresa Collins Stampmaker.
my birthday is coming up and i was thinking this would make a really cool idea....

the other thing i have to say is that i create in another language besides English. i do make layouts with Hebrew on them. (which was one of my considerations to get a prosenl die-cutting machine).

so- for 169$ for the the complete kit- is it worth it?

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I don't have it so have no opinion, but the superstore here has it for $144. If you go to the product page for it, there are some reviews on it and a video. That might help you make your decision.
Happy early birthday!
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i bought one and sent it back. I thought it was a great idea, initially, but realized that the images I thought I'd make into stamps wouldn't work.

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Mr Mister
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I don't have the TC stampmaker but I have been involved in making stamps in a past job. You have to be pretty commited to your own designs to make them yourself, but it sounds like you have a good reason to make them.

I did read about someone who bought the TC system and ended up sending it back. Unless you're a die-hard do it yourselfer, personally I'd look into places that make custom stamps.

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I have had my TCS for over a year and I really enjoy it. I have a Yahoo group for the TCS and it helps users get over the learning curve, which can be frustrating if you don't have help. We have several people there that use the TCS for foreign language sentiments.
I think if you shop around you can find a much better price. We've been seeing them for around $100. s/

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