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I am doing my senior project on the topic of scrapbooking. I want to reach out to the scrapbooking community! So tell me your story, your general information, how you became interested in scrapbooking, why you do it, any unique facts about you and your scrapbooks, and other details you can add that can help my project more interesting! (being anonymous is fine!) thank you!! I am also creating my own scrapbook documenting my senior year, so if you have an advice or recommendation for me, it'd be great!

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Henri Jean
In response to taylorkan

In 1967 I was engaged and made a scrapbook of my fiance and me. It was primitive by today's standards but the best we had then. Everything was adhered with Scotch tape over the edges of the pictures but its what we had then.

A few notes in pen, but not enough and no embellies or flowers or any pretty stuff. Just the facts. (Sorry - I used to watch Dragnet.)

Anyway, when we broke up he came by my apartment one night and my roommate let him have some of the things he gave me - and our scrapbook.

After that I gave up scrapbooking and never touched another. I was through with scrapbooking.

38 years later (2007) my old fiance came back into my life and as soon as we started dating I had the urge to start scrapbooking again. Very strange.

We were married in January 2009 and I had several big scrapbooks already completed.

I scrapped everything when we got back together.

Last year his sister found our old teenage scrapbook. Bill's mother had it and it was abandonded in her old house when she died. Water pretty much ruined it but a few of the photos were salavageable. Mostly the book was pages of mold, and the cover and inside covers were all mold. The bottom half of all the pages were all wet and moldy. But, a few on the top parts were still good.

My scrapbooks are our romantic journey from when he first made email contact with me in 2007 and follows our travels all over the world. It has our every day life, funny stories that happened to us - it is the story of our romance.

We now have a grandchild, she's still pretty new and she's in there because she is part of our life together.

If I do something without him I don't scrap it or if he doesn't something without me I don't scrap it. This is our romantic journey.

In 5 years, there are 18 books - about 80-90 pages each of our history. That is approximately 1,530 pages in 5 years of stories and photos all over the world.

I plan to make a new first book of when we were dating and our early stories.

Good luck with your school project! I hope this helps a little bit. And you may use my name.

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I had always wanted to start scrapbooking, and I was really good about collecting stuff for a future scrapbook. in 2009, I was putting together a photo album of my boyfriend's family, because he had pictures all over his place that were not protected. as I was making this photo album, I found myself giving titles to pages and writing stories about the pictures. I realized that I was, in fact, scrapbooking. I have done about a dozen books since then.

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I was invited to a Creative Memories scrapping house party about 12+ years ago. I paper scrapped for years but got downhearted about the costs and about having to get everything out to do a page, then clear it all away again to eat at the table etc so I switched to digital scrapping

No mess, no storage problems, much lower costs, endless re-use of everything I buy, boundless freebies, no mistakes...just the 'undo' button.

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My Mom and Dad both died when my girls were little. My husbands Mom and Dad both died before we were married. When I realized that my children would never know about their family history, I decided to start scrapbooking to preserve some of my memories for them. In my scrapbooks I tell stories of how I remember their grandparents, why we celebrate certain traditions and pass on a sense of pride to them in how their grandparents overcame lifes obstacles and stayed strong.

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It's all my grandma's fault! She made scrapbooks for so many things. When I was little I loved to look through one she had made for my oldest sister when my parents and two oldest sibs visited my grandparents after WWII. I think that may have been the first time they were together. Anyway grandma made a sweet album of all kinds of wildflowers that grew around them and leaves of the various trees.

That was the beginning of the impulse for me to preserve preserve preserve and to save the little stuff that didn't seem that important until long after.

I came to 'modern' scrapbooking about 8 years ago when I decided to make an album for my son and his family as a Christmas gift. It gives me such joy and satisfaction to make pretty pages and tell the stories of our lives at the same time.

Good luck on your project - and try a little scrapping yourself y'hear?

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Growing up I made several scrapbooks as a child. It was a mix of drawings, ticket stubs, brochures from places we visited, small trinkets, and polaroid photos. When I was in college I took photo albums and added handmade cutouts, ticket stubs etc. to "pretty them up". After college I turned more towards photography (without the scrapping element). Then in 2003-2004 I was going through a rough patch in my life. In an effort to help keep me occupied, my sister invited me to a Stampin Up party. I had always enjoyed crafts but had never heard of this. I went and was introduced to card making and scrapping in a way that I hadn't known even existed. The next day I got on the internet and started googling handmade cards. I found this site and have been here since.

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I collect things! Tickets, brochures, maps, cards you name it - if I find it on a holiday, journey, trek or special event then I have to keep it. One day I decided to start adding them to my albums with the photos. I would do a little journalling, doodling, fancy writing etc and then I discovered at my local photo shop that they had tweety bird and Winnie the Pooh die cuts. So I was add one of them here and there.

The I discovered a scrapbooking magazine.....

I guess the rest is history - scrapbooking didn't take off for quite a while here in Australia, so I had to make do with creating embellishments myself, drawing in borders and creating fancy cut edges on papers. The more that became available the more I wanted to scrap.

Now I have my own scrap room, I have started to expand on scrapbooking by making cards and "off the page" projects and now I sell my products

I love that scrapbooking tells a story, my two girls love reading throw the family scrapbooks and remembering what they were doing or ask questions about the photos. I LOVE preserving memories that can be quickly forgotten or replaced by others

I also love that my daughter also wants to now scrapbook and has it as an upcoming assignment at school!!!

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I started scrapbooking in 1986. I was a freshman in college and I had all of these photes laying around. Back then, I knew nothing about scrapbooking, I was just putting stuff in an album (pictures, ticket stubs, cards) using those albums that you just stick the pictures in. After my daughter was born, I met a great CM consultant, who became one of my dearest friends, who signed me up as a CM consultant, so I can buy all I needed at a cost. Since, then, I have been scrapbooking on and off. I have 18 years to catch up. I am no longer a CM consultant and I am slowly catching up on my years. I scrapbook for my family and it is cheaper than going to a therapist.

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When I was a kid I had one of those photo albums with the clear sheet that stuck down over the pages so you could position photos wherever. At some point in my pre-teens I decided that square/rectangle pictures were out, and round or custom-shaped pictures were in. Thus began my earliest experience with being artsy cutting and arranging photos. Into my teen years I didn't do much with it except for collecting postcards and tickets from school trips, family vacations, etc, and adding them to the album.

Fast forward to 2003, my junior year of college and my semester abroad in Japan. It was an awesome trip and I took 12 rolls of film. (Of course this was JUST before digital cameras really went mainstream, at least in my income bracket.) I really wanted to make these photos and memories special, so I dug out an all-in-one scrapbooking kit that a friend gave me several years earlier. That was my first real scrapbook.

I have never taken up scrapbooking as an ongoing hobby (usually for that I paint ceramics), for instance, I haven't started any books that were just about regular life, my family, etc. But I just love when I have the opportunity to do a scrapbook project. I have done 2 for friends' baby showers, one for my 2010 return trip to Japan, and now I'm working on my wedding scrapbook since I was just married July 2011. My sister is pregnant with her first child, so I also have plans to make her a baby shower book.

Good luck with your project. I'm sure we'd all love to read your paper and see some of your layouts when you're done!!!

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It's all my husband's fault. Seriously. In 2005 when we were dating he took me on my first real vacation. Afterwards I made a VERY simple scrapbook. I was done. Then he kept giving me stuff, ticket stubs, receipts, etc "for my next scrapbook." well shoot. now i have to make another. i did and we both really liked it.

i loved how you could store your pics with info. my mom kept all her pics in a box and i didn't have a baby album until i made it. so now i print and keep everything in scrapbooks.

i tried to keep my books very simple because i knew once i got into paper, i wouldn't be able to stop. so i bought A LOT of stickers. that was fun.

then there was the garage sale. it was part of my inlaws neighborhood garage sale weekend. one woman was selling all the stuff from her sister's store. paper for 10 cents. stickers for a quarter. and we're talking the good $5 Jolees stuff. i spent about $60 but had well over $2000 worth of stuff.

when you flip through my books, you can see when i started using different items/techniques. it's fun to reminisce. my husband and kids are pretty good about letting me take pics of EVERYTHING. i even rearrange toys or other stuff in the room so the pic will look good when i want to scrap it.

when i was planning my wedding, the fun scrapbook became my bible. if it wasn't in the planning book, i needed to complete it. it really helped me organize all the details.

currently i have 51 books. an additional 7 are empty and waiting. at one point DH asked how he was going to know which book certain pics were so he could show people. after that i made tags to label them all.

-5 books are for my wedding. 1 for the honeymoon
-6 books are for all the work we've done on the house.
-i use at least 2 books a year for generic family photos. i have separate ones for larger photo events like a vacation.
-my kids have their own that focuses on them. Each kid has one generic solid color for their stuff. DS1 has 6, DS2 has 3 books so far. The year DS1 was born I only have 1 'year' book but he has 2 of his own books. it's just the way i put the pics away.
-i have books for specific things like birthday cakes, large family photos, etc. these books will take years to fill, but they are started.
-3 books i will work on all year are one for the family and one for each boy. they are next to my scrap desk. the other scrapbooks are in book shelves accessible to everyone.

The only book i made as a gift was for my grandmother this past summer. ALL the extended family came together for her 80th b-day. I used pics from everyone and assembled it into a book for her.

this hobby is awesome. i get to store all my pics in one place and add flair to some. everyone can see the results of my time spent scrapping. it's a great release. and i have met some awesome people-even in person through this site.

heck, finding this site was my husband's fault too. he was on other forums for his hobby and i wanted one too. i googled scrapbooking and this came up. i check it every day, more than my email. i love it here. and it's been fun to watch it grow.

this site has also made my scrapbooking into paper crafting. i have tried MANY different types of projects because of the people/challenges here.

my favorite day is National Scrapbook Day. This will be my 3rd year participating here on DH takes the kids to his parents and I play and laugh with everyone all day. For me it's 10 times better than x-mas.

wow. this got really long. i hope it helps.

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I started out stamping and making cards. I loved it and spent a good bit of money, but had no real interest in scrapbooking. Then a friend of mine in my stamping circle invited me to a Creative Memories party about 12 years ago. I went because she asked me to go, and I wanted to support her. We made one page and I just didn't get hooked. It was cute, but it didn't draw me in. So, that page sat in my desk.

Fast forward about two years. My dad died in 2002. My grandmother is a scrapbooker, and I wanted to make her a book of my dad's life for Christmas that year. So, I went to the craft store and bought tons of embellishments and papers. I attended another CM party and bought some tools, but not many. I think I got scissors and a paper trimmer at first. Maybe a corner rounder. The book I made was pretty rudimentary, but I had no idea what I was doing; I just put my heart into it. Once it was done and I saw my gram's reaction, I was pretty much hooked. Now I have a whole scraproom at home, full of delicious goodies: paper galore, stamps, embellishments of all kinds, etc. I tend to vacillate between card making and scrapbooking. I was really heavy into scrapping when my husband died in 2009. I have been working on a memorial album, but I haven't touched it in months. I am now on a card making kick, and have been making cards for friends and family as well as groups like Operation Write Home and Soldier's Angels. I don't doubt that there will be a day when I sit down and start scrapping again.

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When my grandmother died I was appalled at how little I knew of our family history. So, for Christmas the next year, I researched, and wrote my father's family history. The easiest means to assemble all that information seemed to be a scrapbook, and thus I got started. Shortly after that I began my next large project, being a scrapbook for my Parents' 50th Anniversary, 100 pages covering their life together. I've been a little burned out since then, but slowly getting back into it since I have an adorable granddaughter and my sister's baby is due in the next month.

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When I was pregnant with my youngest back in 1999 I made her a baby book. It wasn`t planned, I just had some super cute papers and some scissors and decided to make it. Not long after that my grandmother died and I inherited all her photos. I wanted to make a heritage book and went looking for supplies and that was that! As the years have gone by scrapbooking has continued to become a bigger and bigger part of my life.

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I also was invited to one of those house parties, but I resisted, buying only some stickers for my niece.
Then I came up with the bright idea of maybe making a book for my daughter who was then graduating college. So I organized a bunch of pics from birth to the (then) present, and made my first book. It was such a hit, that the next year I made a book for my son's college graduation.
Now I have a huge stash and work on things usually that I give away. I have a few scrapbooks of my own, but I love to gift scrapbooks.
Hope your project goes well.

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In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My children were 2 and 4. I knew there was a chance I wouldn't see them grow up and that they wouldn't remember me if I died. So, I decided to start scrapbooking and journaling for my children. It was something for me to leave behind. In 2009, my breast cancer metasized to my bones and again it looked like I wouldn't see my children grow up. I never stopped scrapbooking, but I did even more and changed my journaling techniques so that it reflected more of who I am. At this point, my cancer is in remission and I am doing fine, however, I try to keep up with my scrapbooks. My future is uncertain, and I will be thankful to see my children grow and start their own families. I now look at my scrapbooks as a way for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to get to know me. Good luck with your own scrapbook. My only advice is to make your own tell a story. Ask yourself if your children look at your senior scrapbook 20 years from now, will they have a clear picture of the kind of teen you were. If you can answer yes, then you have succeeded in documenting a part of your life.

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