Username Post: Clicut knife for Coluzzle?        (Topic#1574101)
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Would the Clicut knife work with my Coluzzle templates?

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Mother Goose
In response to merileevf

If you are asking if the Cricut blade would cut on a Coluzzle, the answer is no. For one, the actual blade fits into a housing that is inserted into the Cricut. The blade is only a little more than in inch long. Secondly, the blade does not swivel, the Cricut controls the movement of the blade.

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angie girl
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No, she's talking about the cLicut. I saw its some new craft knife, but I've never seen one in person so I don't know the answer.

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I just watched the video about the clicut knife. I don't think it would work with Coluzzle templates, because you need a swivel tip.

I believe there are other brands of swivel-tip craft knives available, that would work with the Coluzzle.

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