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Hey Neighbors-
We have another great class on Live with Prima! Drew Scott is going to create a handmade mini book using Prima's Songbird collection. This little book has fun pockets and cool embellishment ideas...

Join us for the class here:
If you can't make it to the live show, then watch the recording on the same channel page. The classes appear immediately after the show has ended.

Pretty Pockets and Pages Mini Album with Drew Scott
Thursday, May 10th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET/ 1:30am GMT

Join teen instructor, Drew Scott as he creates a very pretty album filled lots of great ideas for making your own custom pages. The color palette is made up of soft pink and green tones with many lovely patterns from the Song Bird collection by Prima.

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844042 - 12x12 Songbird Mosaic
844035 - 12x12 Songbird Zephyr
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Extra Materials:
Paper trimmer
Liquid and Dry Adhesive
Bone Folder
Prima Comfort Craft Knife
Distress ink - Gathered Twigs
White Paint
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Prima Marketing Inc.
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Prima Marketing Inc.
In response to Prima Marketing Inc.

If you any questions about how this works-feel free to ask!

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In response to Prima Marketing Inc.

I have tons of questions - are these free? How do I know when your going to post? I soooo love Prima and would LOVE to watch your vid's live ... but I dont know when they are. I need like a 3 days heads up!! Is there a way to get that???

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In response to Sassie

Laura, if you click on the link in the post, it will take you to Prima's channel. There you will see all the recent shows they aired, and you can click on any one of them and watch -- they won't be live though; it'll be just as if you're watching a youtube video. If you scroll down the bottom a bit, you'll see their upcoming shows. I just looked, and their next one is tomorrow at 9:30 ET. It's going to be a canvas album show. I've watched most of them after they've aired live, and I love them!

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In response to provinca

I love the live shows, too- they're always fun, especially Drew's- but the way Prima always markets his shows on the board here semi-offends me! It's always 'teen instructor,' which strikes me as odd- they don't announce their other shows as 'featuring the late-middle aged:' or 'this time with retirement aged crafter:'

His work doesn't 'look teenage,' so I don't see why they announce it, every time, as such...


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In response to designguyKORY

Hey Sassie-Yes-the shows are free. We have a show every Thursday night at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET. The shows are always recorded so if you can't make the live shows-then you are able to watch later, on the same channel. As Anna pointed out-there is a direct link to our channel on ustream in the post above.
Thank you Anna!!
We also have a website where all of the upcoming shows are posted: At the top of the page-you will see a tab that says "May classes", etc..

Hey Kory-I never thought that the wording would be offensive...I word it that way because of a couple reasons:
The number one question I get is how old is he? And like you said-it shouldnt matter because his talent speaks for itself. But a lot of people find it interesting... so I guess it's my way of informing people right out of the gate.

We also announce it that way to reach out to other teen scrappers. A lot of our viewers have their kids watch and we have had quite a few teens come to the shows because of it. They enjoy watching one of their peers and learning/sharing...

I am also somewhat protective of a Mom. I want people to know he is talented and fun, but also know-he is young and he is learning as he goes. It helps keep some of the harsh criticism at bay and I would rather see people be supportive. When they realize his age, they tend to be a lot less critical and offer more support and guidance...

I hope this all makes sense. So I dont mean to be offensive at all and i appreciate you saying something and giving me the chance to explain my reasoning.


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