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I just got the larger pink Fastenator from EK Success. Saw it in a Thrift store and thought I couldn't pass it up. I see it isn't used as much in scrapping though, and not sure how to use it or where to get the "staples" for it. I was at Scrapbook Expo in Orlando and hoped to see someone with it, but no luck. Any suggestions as to how to use it, where to get the "staples" for it, or should I just pass on it?

I like to do scrapbooking and some cardmaking.

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It seems to be an out-of-fashion product. I've seen the staples a lot at Big Lots, if that helps at all.

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I got a ton of staple bars at Big Lots a while ago (over a year probably). Justifying that I'll make a point to use the tool now.

I still see them in my local scrapbook store. It looks like they are discontinued here at

Keep an eye out in discount stores for them.

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ohhh am jealous! I want one, have wanted one for many moons but they always too expensive.

You can use them to staple ribbons to the card or LO, you can also use them as just a detailing. They come in different colours and with different texts on them. When you get enough text staples, you could create a title with them.

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I use the staples without the fastenator. Just push them through like brads and fold back the ends on the other side.

You may need to pop a hole first in thicker materials.

If you get the silver staples, you can color them with solvent based inks (like copics and staz on and alcohol ink)

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