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could someone tell me the best thing to use to contain tools ect on table top during crops

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For years I was very happy with my Tote-ally Cool tote bag for all of my small tools, pens, adhesives, etc. but lately I haven't taken it with me to crops because it's showing it's age by bending over too much (and it's getting too small!) Nowadays I have just a little plastic caddy to hold pens, scissors, and a few other small tools that I got at the Target dollar bin. This caddy sits on the table with me, but right at my feet on the floor is another bag with more of my "schtuff" like punches, glue dots, stapler, embellies, and another Target dollar bin container that holds my brads and things like that. Sometimes the bag is the Organizing Utility Tote from 31 bags, other times it's a very similar bag that I found at Big Lots...just depends on what I pack.

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Recently at Target I bought a picnic table organizer (the ones to carry your condiments around) and it holds plenty. I have my adhesives, corner chomps, tools, markers etc. in it and I love it. It is made of metal, has a handle, mine I decorated with huge colorful circles. I found it in the outdoor picnic stuff, they had various colors, and I think they recently got marked down.

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It almost depends on how much space you'd have at a crop. Sometimes my tote seems too big.

I like my Tote ally cool tote (I have a bigger one and tiny one). The larger one has a swivel base, which is GREAT!

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Tote-ally cool tote for me hands down.

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I love the Stampin' Up tote. They were only available to demos (and at the time I wasn't a demo)....but I found my on ebay. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

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