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I had purchased a Xyron sticker maker refill some time ago. I ran out of the original and noticed that my refill was the repositionable kind rather than the permanent kind I'd been using, and which I preferred. I no longer had the receipt and wasn't sure which store I'd gotten it from.

I called AC Moore first to find out if I could get an even exchange without a receipt and without a penalty. They told me I would have to return it first and then buy the replacement, but they charge a 20% penalty for any return without a receipt.

I called Michael's next and made the same inquiry. I spoke to the supervisor and he asked me if I had a rewards card. I did. He said I could make the exchange without a problem. I went to the store to complete the transaction. The cashier called the supervisor who approved an even exchange, since both items were the same price. They simply replaced the repositionable box with the permanent box without having to bother entering anything into the cash register. So I was very happy. I also bought several other items at the same time.

By the way, I also have a rewards card from AC Moore. I've gotten two or three $10 coupons from them in the mail, after spending a certain amount of money during a designated period of time. I really don't know what the Michael's rewards card does. But the people there recognize me as a repeat customer.

Michael's probably also charges a penalty for returns without a receipt, but I don't know what the percentage is. Also, both stores probably base the price of a returned item on 50% of the listed price, assuming it had been purchased with a 50% off coupon. Then they would deduct another 20% (or whatever) off that.

So the lesson to be learned is to hold on to all your receipts until you actually use the item. the problem is how to keep track of them, since several items can be listed on a single receipt. And if you try to return something that was a gift, you lose out.

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I'm glad you were able to exchange it. I've actually had great experiences doing even exchanges in my area with ACM, M's and J's. They've all been really good about it since it's an even exchange. I haven't had to do one in a while, though, and wonder if the policies here have changed. When I need to return something without a receipt, they've never charged me an additional 20%. However, they will only refund back the lowest selling price of the item. So, if it's ever been on sale for 60% off, that's what you get back. Can't say I blame them, as it is a business and they'd lose tons of money if they gave everyone 100% back.

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I just went to M's yesterday to return an item for which I had a receipt. I didn't realize there was a 60 day return policy -- of course, it was 61 days. So they told me I would not get the full price. So even having the receipt doesn't always pay.

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Because less-than-honest people have figured out how to work the system and take advantage, stores have to be more strict with return policies.

I would guess the rewards programs keep track of your purchases, so it knows (1) if you bought the item at that store and (2) when and how much.

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The rewards program at M's gives you lots of little perks that you find out about at the register. A nice one is five dollars back for evey 100 you spend. I have had that one more times than I will admit to. I have also gotten Cricut carts for $18.

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I've made this exact mistake with my Xyron. I opened the package and began using it before I realized that it was repositionable adhesive. Lesson learned.....I now look carefully before I buy.

As for the M's reward card, we had that promtion for a while in my area. I received my card in the mail, but whenever I used it, the clerks looked at me like I had 3 heads. They honestly didn't know what to do with it. For the first several months, the manager had to assist each clerk. I personally think that the card is only as good as the store it is used at.

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