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  • Cinj on 07-29-12 02:51 PM

Has anyone ever tried a pants hanger (5 pair swing out arms) to store ribbon on?

I bought one today to try it but I am not sure how well it is going to work. crossing my fingers.

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I have used one before the only downfall is the larger spools wouldn't fit for me because the arms were all stationary except for the bottom one which had to protrude out ward with the large spools. It was nice to see all my ribbon choices in easy view, but where I had it hanging just didn't work for my space so I am back to rooting through a very large basket to get the ribbon on the bottom because its the perfect one to use on my project(everytime) lol. Good luck!

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I kind of made my own...I bought a dowel the size to fit the spools I had, then drilled a hole thru each end to attach wire to hang it with. Then I put the wire thru one hole and twisted it to stay, thread the spools on and attach the other wire. Hang it up and I was good! When I need to add more ribbon I just undo one end of the wire and thread the spool(s) on, re attach the wire and I am set again. I also took a clear trash bag and put a hole in the center bottom of the bag then put it over the top of the wire holding the dowel. That keeps dust off the ribbon when it is not in use. I hope this all makes sense

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I use them. I bought mine on Ebay and some were missing the arms, which worked out great for me and the larger spools of ribbon. Some of the hangers have arms which are permanently attached at both ends. I used those for my shorter lengths (about 1 yard or less) of ribbon. They are looped over the arm and held in place with a binder clip at the ends. This also helped straighten the ribbons I have which came on cards rather than rolls.

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I do and like it.

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