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Hello everyone!

Someone at MTC Yahoo group shared these videos with different techniques of stamping on candles and titles so I figured this can be useful or inspiring for someone in here as well. I know I'll try soon:

Stamping on Candles

Another Stamping on Candle Video

Stamping on Titles

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can someone please explain to me HOW TO EMBOSS and the such??? I have been scrapping for 10 years and cardmaking for 5 years but never tried anything like embossing or stuff. THANKS

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RedSquirrel UK
In response to mindygail

There are two kinds of embossing: dry and heat.

For heat embossing you need embossing powder and a heat gun. A hair dryer won't do. You stamp your image using slow-drying ink like pigment ink, or a special glue. You sprinkle the powder on at once and tip the surplus off, then heat the powder for 10 seconds or so until it melts. There are many different colours, or clear.

For dry embossing you need a machine like a Cuttlebug or Big Shot, and plastic embossing folders which have the pattern raised on one side and debossed on the other, inside the folder. You put the card-stock into the folder and run it through the machine, and it presses the image through the card.

I have also embossed lines as borders on my cards using an old dead biro and the ridges in my paper trimmer.

Does that help?

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