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This is a re-hash of a question posted in here in 2007-
Regarding whether which Die-cutter machine to Buy for A Mac...
I have read its possible to use SCAL(Sure Cuts Alot), with the Boss Kut Gazelle on a Macintosh... I haven't been able to find any certain testaments to this though... Just wondering if anyone here has done this or knows whether this is possible...
I have Adobe illustrator, and a Mac, and I have the SCAL demo up and running, - and the SCAL site says it works on Mac, and Works with the Gazelle- But I'm not sure whether the Gazelle/SCAL/and Mac all work together.... figured since its 2012, this might be known by now, or there might be other machines for MAC that I don't know about.... Any help most appreciated....

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I have a Gazelle and love it, but I use the Funtime software it comes with and I'm on Windows. I highly recommend going to the BossKut forums on their website, and also email or call the BossKut people, they're very responsive and helpful.

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