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Does anyone know where to buy the super large 4" spine d-ring 12x12 scrapbooks? Preferably the leatherette style. 3.5" would also work too. Thanks!

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I buy most of my scrapbooking supplies at the online site that supports these forums. Go to the top of the page here and click on "Superstore" or use the "Search" box.

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You can find that size at Staples and Walgreen for that matter!

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Mine come from Hobby Lobby - I always pick up 3 or 4 when they have their 40% off. I like them and they have an oversized place on the spine where you can put a list of what is in the book. Really like that!

I buy a lot from the Superstore - it is the best place to shop. But being honest, I do run to Hobby Lobby for my 3D-Ring binders 12 x 12 binders.

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