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I scanned my grandmother's heritage album into my computer, but my scanner is only 8x11, so each page has 2 pictures. I need to "stitch" them together so I can upload them to shutterfly to make copies of the album. Anyone know of any good stitching software?

Preferably free and I have a Mac. Thanks!

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Have you checked through the software that came with your scanner? Or see if there's a download at the manufacturer's website. I would use Photoshop, but I already have it and of course it isn't free (unless you want to download a 30-day trial).

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As the previous poster said, photoshop, but that's not free, so if you don't have it already... I think you can use gimp on mac, it's free but not as user friendly as photoshop. But there are tutorials for anything you want to do.

Your other option is there are printing places that also scan your book for you. Scrapbooks to share does it.

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