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I am new here and needy. I had a Cricut and just would not put the effort into figuring it out. I sold it, now I want another one. I am looking at the mini, but I want to be sure. I want to do mainly initials to add to buckets, mirrors, etc. Will the mini do that, and I also want to know about cartridges, computer generated, etc. I'm also wondering about the cricut craftroom. Obviously, i have lots of questions. Any help?
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The mini works with CCR and sometimes with the Gypsy. The reason why I say sometimes is because some people were able to update their gypsy to work and other were not successful. The mini does cut vinyl without a problem. Remember, the mini cuts 8.5x12.

As far as cartridges, you will get a few on CCR for free. Otherwise, you will need the physical cartridges, link existing cartridges or purchase digital files. Just a side note, link cartridges to CCR before linking to a gypsy or otherwise you will not be able to until there is an update. HTH

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Keep in mind that the mini has to be connected to the computer or the Gypsy (and that only workds for some). It doesn't cut without one of those devices!

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