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  • jotsy on 09-23-12 04:44 PM

I"m doing a digital scrapbook for my first grandchild and while I originall planned to have it printed/bound, now I'm wondering if doing page prints and putting in protectors and in a personalized album is a better idea? Gus, my grandson, loves to sit and look thru pictures of himself (like on my iPhone) so maybe the protected pages are a better idea? Opinions? Ideas? Thanks so much!!

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  • stick on 09-23-12 05:22 PM
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I think it's a matter partly of personal preference, and partly whether Gus may be prone to tearing pages, or getting them sticky with something - individual pages and protectors would be much easier to replace, of course. I think an album looks more personal, and can be added to over time. A printed bound book looks very nice, like a "real" book, and is also lighter so it may be easier for him to hold. They're both good ... which I'm sorry to say isn't any help at all, is it?

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I do both. If I have a theme of pages, I'll do a book - like an "all about me" type thing, or maybe all holiday layouts, or something like that.

Otherwise, I just order prints (usually 8x8) and put them into an album with page protectors.

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How old is Gus? I have made 7 digital books for my grandkids and just had them printed into a books and they all love them but are ages 11 and up to grown with kids. I think they are treasured and the kids are old enough to take good care of them. I did make one traditional scrapbook for my granddaughter when she was about 5 and left some pages for her to add to because she loved stickers and things crafty so much so she could add some of her own pages. I bet that book is probably destroyed but I think all the digital they were old enough so I think alot depends on his age. I guess it is what your individual prference is. Most children would just love either way.

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Have been an SBC user for 3 years and love, love, love it. Printing it out page by page will be more expensive than printing the project as a storybook, but the page protectors will protect it better. If you create in the largest sizes (12x12 or 11x8), then you can always "convert" the project down to the smaller corresponding size (for projects created as 12x12 storybooks, you can also print it as an 8x8 storybook; for 11x8 storybooks, you can also print it as a 7x5 storybook... it DOES NOT work going from a storybook created at a smaller size to printing at the larger size... always create the project in the bigger size). If you're worried about him (let's face it, his parents) having a keepsake, then print the larger printed storybook for them and then print a smaller, soft cover storybook for him. Otherwise, the rule at my house until the kids were old enough to know to be careful was that they had to bring the book to an adult to turn the pages for them.

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I make most of my digital scrapbooks into 12x12 page prints. And, I print everything through Persnickety They are amazing!!! Anyway...just wanted to add my 2 cents.

I do make Storybooks also but, they just aren't as protected since they are a "book". Have fun!

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