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I am making progress on my Gazelle. Teri was so helpful!!! What I am wondering now is, can you use jpeg files, or just svg? Like can I download a picture from the internet and save it then bring it up on the funtimes in gazelle? I want to work with those altered art photo images.
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You can use JPG's, but you have to trace or vectorize them.

SVG's are already vectors - vector means already have lines to be cut in a format that the cutter will understand.

JPG's are basically pictures. No cut lines. Depending on the image, sometimes I auto-vector, sometimes I trace. Both of these are built in to Funtime.

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What Megan said When working with a photo, I clean it up in Photoshop first - delete backgrounds and extraneous parts of an image, and simplifying it to the flat components that I want as my die cut (which often means creating separate jpgs for each part of the image, I just find it easier to stay organized this way). Then import into Funtime and auto-vector. It's a lot easier and faster than it probably sounds.

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