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Hello all,
I am not really starting scrapbooking per say but I am using the paper and products to make paper frames and apply to wooden signs where I will then embellish them for sale . I would like help with which dies would cut a large amount of card stock and also what will stick the paper to itself, I tried a small glue tape roll and after a while it just popped away.I'm looking at a bigshot now and small square dies. What do you think would be the best ones to start with.
Thanks, Angelina

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The Big Shot is a great machine that will take the steel rule dies - which are the thick dies you'll need to cut a few sheets of cardstock at once. As for which dies to get, it all depends on your style. There are soooooooooo many to choose from!

If you're applying the paper to wood, I would try Mod Podge as your adhesive. Paint a layer on the paper, press it on the wood, smooth out any bubbles, and paint a layer over it to seal it.
It comes in all kinds of finishes (matte, glossy, glitter etc).

Good luck with your project and welcome to the neighborhood

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Hi and welcome to! I have done some similar projects for my home and liked the Mod Podge too for finishing the sealing layer. But I used plain old Elmers white glue, thinned with a little water to adhere the paper/cardstock to the painted wood. Be sure to let this first application dry well first. I also did some with nice wood grain designs showing thru for the people who like the natural look. I used my big red sizzix machine for cutting my shapes, but there are also many punch out designs available now for minimal cost.
Now there are also some spray adhesives out that work great but for me they were not cost effective( I got one at a local hardware store). Have patience I am sure there will be more responses as there are so many members here with all kinds of cool ideas Also whichever route you decide to go watch for sales like Michaels or Joannes coupons and mark down bins (Sorry I am on a low budget and try to do that with groceries too) I figure the more reasonable priced a craft is the more we can afford to do it at the right price! plus for you increase your profit!
Best of Luck and Have Fun!

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Thank youfor the posts. I have added a picture to my gallery of the frame that I have started. It is not really a mod-podge situation as I am attaching a paper base then strips and frame so that when purchased the customer can slide their own photo inside. I cut these paper frames by hand and as you can imagine it was not fast.The photo size is 2inches so I was looking at various dies on that I could use. I am just not sure about how much repeated use they will take. I want to embellish these frames with real shells and paper beach embellishments.Can anyone suggest various beach themed dies and where to buy.
I did not mention that I am in Nassau, Bahamas so there is no running out to Michaels or anywhere. The small amount of things we have here come at a 300% markup in the craft/cloth shop we have. Most things are ordered online for me.
Thanks Angelina

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I have the big shot and love it. You can check out my blog for projects used with it....I use my big shot on almost every project.

As far as the dies holding up, they are metal dies and take a LOT of use!!! I have yet to wear one out!!!

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I dont have that machine but my Cuttlebug helps me a lot.

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