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  • effi on 09-30-12 05:07 AM

hey guys!
sorry if my question is dumb, but i'm a newbie
I want to buy two punches - a circle and a scallop circle, they will be my first punches
I want to know what should be the difference in sizes between the two for balanced layering - you know what I mean
I live in israel so there's no scrapping store where I can watch the sizes of the punch out.
fot instance - if the scallop is 2 and 1/4 inch, what is the best size for the circle?

thank you!

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I don't think the question is dumb at all. It is really hard to visualize relative sizes.

I just happen to own a 2 1/4 inch scallop circle punch (EK Success). And I am able to produce 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch circles. So, I figured I would link a photo for you so you can judge which has the look you like best. Unfortunately, I couldn't produce the in between size 1 3/4 inch easily. And of course the photo was taken without the benefit of daylight. Hope it all helps you anyway.

Here's the link to the photo:

P.S. I hope that link works anyway.... if not it should be the latest photo in my gallery.

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This is such a tough question because, IMO, the answer will vary depending on each project. Sometimes you might want a small circle and a much bigger scalloped circle. Sometimes you might want a scalloped circle and a slightly larger regular circle. I think many different variations will all look balanced, depending on the paper you use and the specific application of each circle.

Do you have a machine like a Big Shot or Cuttlebug? If so, then you can get greater variation with Nesties than you ever will with two punches. Of course, this is a pricier option However, my experience with circle punches is that I always want another size and the cost of these adds up a lot, so a machine with Nesties might be cheaper in the end, if you can do it.

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If you're unable to purchase Nestabilities or other circle dies just yet, you may want to invest in a circle cutter. Of course, this option does not allow you to cut scalloped circles, but it's a start...

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Depending on your project, I would recommend visting the Stampin' Up site. They offer circles and scalloped circles that layers. You can get an idea of sizes from the site regardless if you buy from them or go with another company! Hths!!

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Never a dumb questions. I for one love the custom cutting system by Creative Memories. They are a little pricey, but I've had mine for years and love it. They give you options for different sizing and I've never had an issue with them!

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