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Hi! I'm trying to make a tag book/card and am stuck trying to say things right without being sentimental or tacky. An associate went & got selective breast removal & augmentation after finding out that she had a hereditary gene for breast cancer. Now as much a bummer as this should be its actually not because she was kinda small on top anyway & so now she won't be all due to a family "curse"? So I'd been having fun w/that then decided no that she might think that was tacky or something then I decided to make it a fun greeting card since she's been away from work for over a month recovering. But I wanted to say how brave I think she is for handling it so well but how to work it in or not? So confused? A little, I've already taken awhile just putting the basic design together & now it's the words I'm stuck on - any thoughts?

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  • vawm on 10-05-12 06:20 AM
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Why don't you play up the strength of her decision?
Words like: Strong, courageous, plan for life, etc come to mind.

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Sending a card is a great idea, but I'd avoid anything that mentions why if there's even the tiniest possibility she'd be offended. You called her an "associate" rather than a friend, so I'd stick with a "thinking of you... wishing you the best... looking forward to seeing you back at work..." type of thing.

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