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I REALLY need some help!! I used to scrap quite often when my 7 year old was born, but as he and his older brothers have grown up and all play sports, I just didn't have time. I now have a Senior in High School and wanted to surprise him with a Scrapbook of his entire Senior year. Back when I scrapped, for alphabet I would either trace and cut (real pain and time consuming) or use stickers or stamps. I am now looking to make it a little easier on myself this time around and am needing help finding the perfect die cutting machine for my needs. I am basically more interested in alphabets, numbers and phrases more than anything. I have surfed the web hours on end looking at sizzix, cricut, etc and just don't know which one would be best for my needs.....and without spending a fortune on it at that. Can anyone recommend the die cutting machine that would be best for my needs??

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I think it depends on if you want to use your computer or not.

Most machines (with or without the computer) will start to add up.

The Sizzix is a bit more time consuming, but you will have to decide how many alphabets you will "need".

I love my Cricut (the small original), but the cartridges are kinda pricey and you can't just have one You can use this one with your computer with a free program (craft room), but many people don't care for it and you have to own the cartridges to use the cuts. but this is mostly a stand alone machine.

Lots of people love the Cameo, but I believe it is only used with a computer and it is a more expensive alternative, but you can use the fonts on the computer.

And there is also the eClips--still pricy--I haven't read much about that one, but I think you can also use the fonts on your computer.

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In response to ~LinMom~

I have the Cricut Expression, Cuttle Bug and a Slice machine... I love all of them. I think I use my Cricut the most...

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If you want a cartridge based system, then the Cricut may be the way to go. However, you will need cartridges to make it work. Most come with at least one and the Cricut Craft Room comes with one or two.
However, the Cameo is priced around the same as the Cricut Expression (actually less because you can use a coupon with it) and you can use any true type font on your computer. The Silhouette store has a large array of images and phrases for your use (at a small purchase price-99cents or less).
The Cameo provides more flexibility than the Cricut. The detailed cuts are not even comparable IMO. The Cameo cuts beautifully! Not to mention the print and cut functionality.
If you want to cut heavier material like chipboard, then the Cameo is not for you. Although they (Gazelle, Zing, Pazzells, Klick n Kut Maxx, Cougar, Silver Bullet) cost more, they will cut heavier material. I have the Gazelle and it can cut for hours without it getting hot. It cuts thin balsa wood and chipboard without an issue. It also has print and cut capabilities.
It really boils down to what you want. Since you said you only want letters, phrases and alphabet without breaking the bank, the Cameo sounds like something you will benefit from. Also Silhouette just introduced the Portrait. It is smaller and less expensive than the Cameo. However, it is on pre-order with a anticipated ship date of mid November.

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