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  • Cinj on 10-10-12 07:40 AM

My husband was going to make me shelves but he is always working and when he isn't our house needs work so he told me to buy the shelf at Micheals for stamp storage.

after he put it up I was adding my stamps and he was watching me; which means I either did it wrong or he could do better.

Well he can he sent our son down to the play room for wooden block and he built up levels with them to display the stamps.

So if yor out at the salvage shops and they have kids blocks you can use them to add layers to your stamp shelf.

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RedSquirrel UK
In response to Cinj

That's a good idea, and just the right height for wooden stamps.

I was trying to display cards yesterday for photographing them and I didn't have anything quite right. Old tissue boxes would be about right, but not quite rigid enough. I need to keep thinking about that.

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In response to Cinj

Can you post a photo?

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