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  • KimKV on 10-24-12 09:21 AM

We are now currently full. Thanks!!

I hope I have this in the right place.
(Been a long time away. So if I have this in the place, please tell me)

JAFF is a group I started (WOW) in 2009. Since then we have had a few friends leave, life you know. We are sadly down to 6ish. We have talked amoung ourselves and decided we need some new friends.

This group has not been scrapping much for awhile, but we are slowly starting to again. We also chat and share parts of our lives. We don't do drama, but sometimes share our life's drama. We are laid back, casual and not speedy scrappers. So if you are slow at scrapping and the things I mentioned above, please come check us out.

IF you feel that we are a group you would like to join, please send me (Kim) a PRIVATE
MESSAGE thanks!
. Tell me a little about yourself. Looking for 4 or 5 friends.

Here's a link to check us out. But, remember, we are just now starting to scrap again. SO COME MOTIVATE US!!! This is the first page.

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