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I would like to scan my old negatives and started looking at scanners. Wow there are so many! I was hoping you could tell me what you like and why. Thanks!

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The epson V500 is awesome for scanning medium format and smaller negatives. The V700, which is a little pricier, has a larger transparency unit in the lid and can scan up to 8x10 negatives and it also allows you to do multiple strips of 35mm, 120mm and other sizes at once.

I have a predecessor to these, the 4870 and it's been an awesome scanner for both negatives and as a regular flatbed scanner.

Now a word on scanning yourself... it is tedious, time consuming and a constant battle with dust. I do my own because I like to adjust the exposure myself. If I didn't I'd probably send them out to be done because it can be a really aggravating job.

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