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How many pages can you typically fit in a 12x12" album that is post bound?
Thank you.

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Define "technically"...I have an album from my first deployment to Iraq that I might have "technically" fit a few too many pages in. It has to be held delicately to keep the album from falling apart. There are 37 sheets (74 LOs) in that album. Also, my honeymoon album is pretty thick too. It has 45 sheets (90 LOs) in it. Got a bigger and sturdier album to put the honeymoon in. It's mostly flat LOs (more picture album theme), but I also included all the little travel booklets and tourist booklets and pamphlets we acquired across Germany so that makes it a little thicker. Long story short, it all depends on what you're putting in it and how many post extenders you get...

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