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While going through boxes in the garage today, I found a great deal of pictures of my husband and his parents and brother. Both of his parents are deceased and these are, for the most part, the only pictures he has of his mom when she was younger and his childhood. He, however, doesn't know he has these pictures, so I was thinking of scrapbooking them in some way for Christmas for him.

Now, I need ideas on what I can do to add journaling at a later point, but still put several pictures on a page.

How would it look if I put 3 or so pictures on a page with a fairly large mat and any journaling could be done on that?

I just want something simple and very basic (I originally had planned to just put them in a photo album, so this is a step up already!)

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Find some sketches and where one of the photos is supposed to go, keep it blank for journaling. Or you can do tags for hidden jouranling. Add some envies as well that you can put stuff in. What a wonderful idea! He will love it!

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Just an idea...what about picking your favorites and doing a few layouts of them, and then in between, put the page protectors where you just slip in the 4x6 pictures. That way, you're getting the best of both worlds....scrapping some and then the ease of putting them in pockets.

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