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I am a new scrapper and want to make a scrapbook of all my study abroad momentos. I am trying to pick out the best storage cases that will last for future projects--at a good price. What brands for these 12x12 trays do you recommend? Is any brand better than another?

Also- are most of these kinds of organizers the same for other crafts? Can I use my scrap-booking organizers for my beading and craft stuff or do you think that there are different kinds of storage meant for different crafts! Thank you-- I just want to buy the right stuff the first time!

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Artbin makes nice ones with seperate handles, the Iris boxes have handles molded in. I use both, they are equally nice. Check that there sre no cracks in the plastic before you buy them, and that you like the latches. I do think the Iris boxes fit in my tote bags easier for travel, if that is an issue for you. To sum it up, you can't go wrong with either.
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I myself use the Art Bin Super Satchel totes. They hold 12x12 stuff, and have a handle. They stack well, stand up well if you want to line them up on a shelf, and back well for crops.

I use them for everything I can!!

I use the 4x6 and 5x7 photo holders for small items like embellishments.

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I agree with the previous poster but I get the ones from M's-- they put them on sale for 4-5 dollars regularly.

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I'd also vote for the Art bin super satchel totes. I'm very satisfied with it

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I've bought both and prefer the Art Bin as well. They are really sturdy and the handle is very nice.

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