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What is your favorite picture to take and scrap related to Halloween? I love to scrap pictures of my boys sorting all their candy when they get home from trick or treating!! I love so many of the Halloween papers available. Not sure which line of paper I'll use this year yet.

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I like to get one of each of my boys sitting on the same recliner year after year--someday I'll do a LO showing them each year, what their costume was and how big they were getting (although DS2 wouldn't sit for me last year...and almost wouldn't wear a costume either!)

I also like to get a picture of them walking down the driveway, ready to go trick or treating, because they are walking towards the setting sun.

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No kids and I'm scared to take photos of the neighbours' kids. ( Not the kind of scariness that Hallowe'en ought to have.) But DH went out in the rain and got a few of the decorations I put up yesterday afternoon. They looked pretty cool.

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I get a picture every year of DGS ready to head out the door.

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I usually take a pic of DS standing/sitting by the pumpkin we've carved. And I like to get a close up shot of his little hand in all the candy....

I'm actually not all that keen on doing Halloween pages, although I do them to have a record of it. It's funny because I like the papers and embellishments but when I sit down to do a page, I don't really enjoy it (maybe it's because I do one every year and it's too much of the same thing??) I don't know.....


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